A Word of Greeting

Let me greet you warmly in the name of the Protestant Church in Hessen and Nassau, or as we say, the "EKHN".

We want to bear witness to the love of God for all people and to serve the entire society. Our mission is to live our Christian faith seriously and joyfully.

What is characteristic of our church? It could be said that plurality and diversity within our church shape our protestant profile. There are the differences between urban and rural areas, between quiet, traditionally oriented villages and the multicultural metropolitan area in and around Frankfurt.

There are regions and congregations with a very specific tradition of piety deeply rooted in a certain biblical understanding. At the same time there are church groups and congregations which are engaged in political action, trying to work for more social justice.

The congregations in the EKHN are fairly independent and self-contained in accordance with our church constitution. On the other hand they are strongly bound together by the Church-Synod where all major decisions concerning the Church as a whole body are made.

However, we do attempt to strengthen cooperation between all parts and institutions in our church. Our goal is to work together as partners - within our church and with our ecumenical partners in Europe and overseas to implement our mission.

Martin Niemöller, the first President of our EKHN, was one of the founders of the World Council of Churches in 1948. The fellowship of churches, seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service remains for us a sign, a commitment and hope for living, acting together and praying - to fulfil our common calling to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Rev. Dr. Volker Jung
Church President